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Affordable Stump Removal and Grinding in OKC

For a variety of reasons, trees sometimes will need to be cut down. While weather-related incidents are among the most common reason for cutting down a tree, they can also be diseased or just old, overgrown and unsightly. Sometimes, trees have grown too close to other structures and are posing a possible future safety hazard. Once a tree is cut down, a homeowner needs to make a decision about what to do with the remaining stump. A tree stump can be removed in two different ways, either by grinding it or completely removing it. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

Pros of stump grinding:

  • Grinding a stump is a much quicker process than removing it.
  • It takes less effort and manpower to grind a stump.
  • There’s no huge hole to deal with.
  • It’s eco-friendly since you can use the debris for mulch and aren’t disturbing the underground habit.

Pros of stump removal:

  • The stump and all of the roots are completely gone.
  • New trees or plants can immediately be planted.
  • There is no old tree residue left behind which could harbor insects or fungus creating health hazards.

Cons of stump grinding:

  • Grinding will still leave the roots intact underground. They can eventually sprout resulting in several trees growing from the same root system.
  • The roots are left to decay. Decaying matter can harbor mold as well as attract insects and rodents.
  • If the residue left behind by grinding is molding or infested with insects, it can be a hazard for young children.

Cons of stump removal:

  • The amount of time it takes for a removal can be a deterrent. The ground will need to be treated to soften the soil in order for the stump and root system to be removed.
  • It is a much more difficult process to remove the stump. It will also use more man hours and equipment.
  • A huge hole will remain after a stump is removed.
  • You will be disrupting an intricate underground ecosystem if you choose removal making it bad for the environment.

Stump Grinding and Removal Process

Grinding process:

The grinding process uses a specialized machine that starts at the top of the stump and slowly grinds the wood into tiny pieces of wood and sawdust. The stump can be ground down to the ground level, a few inches below, or even up to a foot underground. The wood residue can be used for mulch in other areas if the tree wasn’t contaminated with any diseases that could spread to other plants. Grinding does not remove the root system making it difficult to grow other foliage in the same area.

Removal process:

If a stump is being removed, the soil around the tree stump will need to be treated with potassium nitrate to loosen the dirt around the roots making it easier to extract. Then, it takes a combination of heavy equipment, chains, and manpower for a removal. If the stump removal is successful, there will be no roots left that could sprout trees in the future. However, there will be a huge hole where the stump was. Once the hole is filled in with fresh soil, new trees and plants will be able to grow on the same spot.

Stump Grinding and Removal Cost?

Several different factors will determine the cost of removing tree stumps.

  • The size of the stump will determine how much time and effort will be required.
  • The tree’s age will factor in as well. The older the tree is, the more wood there is to deal with.
  • The type of soil the tree was in will matter as well if the stump is being removed. Some soils are much more condense and will take more time and materials to soften allowing the entire root system to be extracted.
  • Different trees have different root systems. Some can even extend out farther than the actual height of the tree making it more difficult to fully remove.
  • If more than one stump is being ground or removed, the overall cost would reflect a smaller cost per stump.
  • Service charges are sometimes associated with disposal for a removal.


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When you are ready for professional, affordable tree services from a certified (and friendly) OKC tree specialist, call Forest Tree Services in OKC.