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How Tree Trimming Works

You deserve a professional tree pruning experience at an affordable price. Here’s all it takes to get started with your tree services.

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When you are ready for professional, affordable tree services from a certified (and friendly) OKC tree specialist, call Forest Tree Services in OKC.

Additional Information on Tree Trimming in OKC

Reasons to Trim or Prune a Tree

To Remove Damaged Branches

Diseases and storms can cause extensive tree damage. Remove all injured and dead branches. Pruning prevents the spread of illness or injury to parts that are not infected. Dead branches encourage pests and diseases.

To Improve Curb Appeal

Well-kempt trees enhance aesthetics around home and property. You can also prune to declutter your yard. A tree growing too near the house, outdoor faucet, pathway, or kids playing area will create damage if not properly trimmed or possibly removed.

To Enhance Tree Growth and Structure

When a tree has enough moisture and nutrients, it can grow uninhibited. Such uncontrolled growth is detrimental to the long-term strength and resilience of the tree. We trim side branches to ensure that trees grow straight or to prevent them from going too high.

Manage Fruit Production

Fewer branches yield quality flowers and fruits because the plant distributes its nutrients uniformly to fewer locations. When there are too many branches competing for scarce resources, it can cause weak results and a failure for the fruit or flowers to fully develop.

Reduce Unnecessary Shade and Improve Aeration and Sunshine

When branches and leaves pile up, a tree will prevent valuable sunlight from reaching the low-lying branches, plants, and grass below. You can prune to save your grass from the excessive shade.

To Make the Tree Safe

Every tree on your property, residential or commercial, should be healthy, disease free, and strong. Any unhealthy tree is a risk to the nearby structures and people. It can fall at any time. This is especially an issue in Oklahoma City with our high winds, ice storms, and tornados.

General Tree Trimming Tips

Use the right tools

Always have the right tools. A dull chainsaw. A weak ladder. No safety gear or ropes. That is asking for trouble for both the tree and the person doing the work.

Start from the top if you have to climb

Climbing is an essential skill that we’ve trained for over the years. The careful coordination of tools, secure ropes, and cut limbs is why tree trimming in Oklahoma City is not a DIY job.

Trim branches while still young

A bigger branch leaves a more prominent scar and increases the risk of infection by disease. Any branch beyond 4 inches in width should not be pruned unless absolutely unavoidable. It is best to cut branches before they reach 2 inches. Keep u-shaped tree branches where necessary. If it is not a fruit-bearing tree, the ratio of the trunk to that of the crown should be 1:2.

Don’t cut the collar

The closer you get to the collar and the ridge, the wider the branch you are trimming will get. You will leave an extensive scar if you attempt to achieve a smooth cut. Also, keep a slight slant for when cutting, but keep it to the minimum.

Don’t overdo it

If you haven’t done any pruning in a while, you probably have a lot of work to do. At any given time, you should not prune more than a quarter of the tree’s living crown. Leave some work for next season. In case of storm damage, work the tree until it achieves your desired target. The same situation applies to dead branches.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

Many people attempt to do their own DIY tree trimming to save on pruning costs, but it can be a very dangerous choice. Simply buying or renting all the required tools can be expensive. Let alone the haul off and clean up after a project.

To prevent damage to the tree, home, and yourself, it is essential to find a professional tree trimming company with experience and tools.

The actual cost of tree pruning and trimming depends on the following:

  • The size of the tree
  • The type of service you desire
  • Location of the tree and accessibility
  • Last pruning date

Call us and we’ll gladly give you a free quote specific to your needs.

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When you are ready for professional, affordable tree services from a certified (and friendly) OKC tree specialist, call Forest Tree Services in OKC.