Whenever you see a tree standing tall and proud, you would think that this tree maintenance requires much effort. This is why many people, especially those who are not plant enthusiasts, are thinking twice whether they would plant a tree or not. Aside from that, there are also some people who believe that only those who have “green thumb” have the ability to plant and grow trees. Contrary to what they believe in, trees are easy to plant as long as you have the right guidelines. So if you would like to have a tree of your own in your backyard or anywhere, here are the steps on how to properly plant and grow a tree.

First of all, you must select the time or the season when you would plant the tree. The advisable month to do this is during the autumn or the early spring. The tree would not last long if it is planted during the late spring especially during the summer season. This is because the heat will only stress the immature plant and may eventually lead the tree to die.

Once you have decided when you would plant the tree, try to check with your local state if there is a need for documents or any other requirements before you can be allowed to dig holes. There are some cases that the local departments would not allow you to do so especially if you are near phone lines, cables, and alike.

Afterward, you may now start preparing the hole. Use an appropriate shovel that would help you dig the hole that is suitable for the tree of your choice. Of course, the size will depend on what kind of tree and how big the tree is. Make the hole larger than the tree root ball is, so it can fit in the hole easily. Moreover, bigger holes would allow the roots to become more comfortable with the new soil that it is in.

It is now time to prepare the tree for transferring it to the hole that you just dug. There are different ways of transferring the tree depending on its size. If you have a small tree, gently turn the plant upside down so you could immediately take it out of its original container. On the other hand, if you have a bigger tree, you need the help of a sharp object like a knife or big scissors so that you can cut the rope bag or the net. Do not drop the plant into the hole so that you would prevent the roots from being damaged.

Once the tree is ready, see to it that the hole is not too deep or shallow. Make sure that the ground level of the tree must have the same level as that of the whole area. You must not bury the plant over its crown. Aside from that, you must not also let the roots be exposed at the same time. This will help you grow a healthy tree.

Fertilizers are essential in making the plant grow. However, it is not advisable that you put the fertilizer in the hole before you put the plant. It may only burn the roots and kill the tree immediately. After the tree has already been carefully placed in the hole, you may then start putting ample amount of fertilizer. Then water the plant once you think that everything is all set.